How to Make Social Media a Place of Positivity for Your Business and Your Personal Life

I know that I'm not only speaking for myself when I say at times, social media has felt absolutely exhausting, overwhelming and even toxic. Social media has become an integral part of life for many of us, whether we utilize it to keep up with friends,  as a creative outlet, or for promoting business. If you're like me, you've always had a love / hate relationship with social media. While there are con's to being active on social media, the pro's can be so beneficial with the right frame of mind. 

I started changing my mindset towards social media after it had become a toxic tool in my life instead of tool to help me grow. I started feeling pressure to perform, I was judging myself and, ultimately, I started judging others. Social media also became a place where I would share my words and hope for interaction but I would never actually be the one to interact with others - I thought I could just receive from others (likes, comments, etc). I had never even thought about if I was giving back to people. Gary Vee shared a video about how we should treat social media like an actual community. In his video he asked "are you actually being a good community member?" That question stopped me in my tracks. After some thought, I came to the conclusion that, no, I was not being a good community member at all - I had been a selfish one. With this shift of mindset I started looking at social media through a different lens and realized that I could create a healthy social media environment for myself. 


Here are my tips on how to make social media a place of positivity. These have helped me turn social media into a healthy space for both my Personal Life and for my Business:


For Personal Life:

#1. I unfollowed accounts that made me feel upset, depressed or hurt. There is nothing wrong with unfollowing accounts on social media, especially if it's costing you your mental health. Do not let the fear of "what if this person finds out" keep you from doing this - do what is right for your heart, soul and mind. Do it for you. 

#2. I started interacting. I started challenging myself with this: for every photo I wanted to hit "Like" on I also had to leave a positive comment. So instead of just "liking" something I was actually saying what was on my mind. Do you know how much more meaningful it is when someone takes the time to say "Congrats!", "Good Job!", or "You look great!". I know it always means a lot to me! Sometimes a comment like that can turn someones entire day around or make them feel less alone - and that can be life changing. 

#3. I realized I could use it for personal inspiration.  I started looking at social media like it was my own personal magazine and at the time I was not happy with my subscription. So I asked myself, "Am I following people that I admire? Accounts the inspire me? People who motivate me to grow? Or am I following accounts that makes me envious? Or bring up past hurtful memories?"  If social media is going to be a part of your life, it's imperative that you make it a healthy environment for yourself. 


For Business: 

#1. Find Mentors. People love giving people advice, and most find it very flattering when someone reaches out to them for it. Do not be afraid to reach out to people who you look up to and ask them for wisdom or advice, you'd be surprised how happy and eager most people will be to give you guidance. 

#2. Connect with Collaborators. Is there an influencer that you'd really like to send your product to? Is there a company or brand that you'd really like to design for? Is there a blog that inspires you that you'd really like to be featured on? Reach out. Do not be afraid in this area, I promise MAGIC can happen from one little message. It's worked for me, so I know it will work for you. 

#3. Cheer on your Colleagues. The number one way to love people is to encourage them. Put envy aside, put ego aside, and cheer on your friends, cheer on your coworkers, and cheer on your competitors! 



Your Challenge for the Week:

• Unfollow who you need to unfollow. 

• Go follow at least 5 accounts that make you happy, inspired or motivated. 

• Comment on every photo that you "Like" with something encouraging.

• Come back in a week and comment below if this helped change your social media into a place of positivity! 


Be supportive, be inspiring, and most importantly, be you.



*I absolutely LOVE hearing your feedback! Feel free to comment below, message me, or share this post with others.