30 Day Goal Training Program

30 Day Goal Training Program


Are you a female entrepreneur with a lofty goal that you just haven’t been able to organize and get accomplished? 

Do you have a big dream but you’re just not quite sure where to start when your pen hits the paper? 

Do you feel lonely in your journey and just need some support to take your goals to the next level? 

If you thought "Omgsh YES this is me!" while reading any of those then this 30 Day Goal Training Program is for YOU!! 

What’s included: 

• A weekly Goal Guide lesson & Goal Execution Steps sent to your email inbox each Monday 

• A private Facebook group where we will be posting our goals at the beginning of each week, asking questions & getting support!
• A weekly Facebook Live Q&A with me!

• A customized check-in email from me personally each Thursday to help you stay on track 

• A surprise package in the mail! 

All for the price of one cup of coffee!

*This program starts July 1st 2019 and ends August 1st 2019

*Only 6 spots available!

*Please be sure to download the PDF after you check out, you will receive an email with the download link as well. The PDF has our private facebook link on it.

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