30 Day Goal Training - November 2019

30 Day Goal Training - November 2019


Are you an ambitious women who’s ready to take your life to the next level?

Do you have a goal that you are on FIRE about, but you just need a push in the right direction?

Are you READY to * finally * have that break through you’ve been looking for?

What’s included:

• A weekly phone call with me to work on your goals, mindset, and ideas!

• A private Goal Training Facebook Group where you’ll be posting your goals every Monday for accountability

• A new Goal Guide Lesson in your inbox every Monday with tools on productivity and weekly challenges. Goal Guide Lesson topics include: How to make an effective To Do List, How to Brainstorm like a Boss, the Power of Visualization and more.

• Weekly inspiration posted inside the private Facebook group from me

• A community of like-minded women to encourage you and cheer you on

• Find gratitude by sharing Weekly “Wins” on Fridays

• Free Gift in the Mail - “Today’s Goals” notepad

*Limited to 6 spots

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