Design Style...Say Whaaat?

I 👏🏻am👏🏻 so👏🏻 passionate👏🏻 about 👏🏻design. Design can fall under many different facets, but the kind of design I am talking about is digital design.

Like it or not, we are living in a digital age and having a design style online, personally or for your brand, is becoming just as relevant as having a clothing style.

What’s unique about our digital design style is that we can show our design style in so many different ways - the options are endless. Take for example, when someone hops onto our Instagram profile, the clothes we’re wearing aren’t the only attribute that is defining our style anymore. Every profile visitor is able to look at the color tone of our photos, the contents of our photos, the graphic details we choose (and so much more!) to take a peak into who we are and what our personality is like. Same goes for our websites!

*Ok, so I am going to bust this down right now - a lot of people refer to social media as “just a highlight reel” and that it’s “not authentic”.

When we meet someone in person for the first time do we just air all of our dirty laundry and deep life stories during that first introduction? No way! Personally, I’m kind of tired of hearing that “social media is just a highlight reel” because I believe it truly is turning into a platform where we can showcase all of our styles; our life styles, clothing style, art style, etc. You catch my drift. I am honestly on social media WAY too much, and that’s something I am personally working on, but I must admit that I do find inspiration from other people sharing their stories almost every single day. It’s up to us as a culture to define what social media is becoming and I think choosing for it to be a showcase of real life and style is where it’s at! It’s like our own little magazines. 😀* Anyways…

“I believe that our design style is a direct reflection of our personalities and our hearts.”

I believe that our design style is a direct reflection of our personalities and our hearts. Since we’ve become a more digital world we are able to show an inside look at what the world looks like through our personal lens. I know that this can freak people out…the idea of people getting a feel of our personality online…How impersonal! But think about this - if I went old school, bought a bunch of magazines, cut out every photo that I felt represented me (nature, travel, color tones, food, etc.) and glued them to a poster board, I would be so excited to show someone! And I would literally LOVE to see other peoples! Can you imagine if some one you’re just getting to know showed up to coffee with one of these!? It’s would be SO fun!

Social media is so much more than Selfies…

Websites are so much more than store hours & “About” tabs…

So, how can you showcase your design style?

With your:

• Logo

• Instagram posts

• Website

• Newsletters

• Business card

• Album artwork

• Photos

Every single person has a design style, they might just not know what it is yet!

Design style changes, just like our taste in music changes over the years, too. Sometimes my design style changes every 6 months, 😂 which just drives me up the WALL! But, it’s also fun to embrace the evolution of where my designing heart wants to go. ❤️

So, how do I figure out what my design style is?

My favorite way to find my design style is a technique I created called Brand Boarding. Brand boarding involves using Pinterest in a strategic way that helps you discover what your design style is. Brand boarding is an absolutely uh-mazing tool AND I just launched my Brand Boarding Video Tutorial + PDF Guide TODAY! If you want to dive in deeper, discover your Design Style, and gain clarity on the direction you want to go with for branding then my Brand Boarding Tutorial Video + PDF is for you and you can get it right here.

If you have any questions about find your Design Style feel free to contact me or fill out this form for a free 20 minute branding consultation.

I am SO excited for each and every one of you to discover your Design Style and show it to the world!



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