How to Kill Fear-Based Thoughts

Fear creeps into the corners of our minds in many moments throughout each day. Fear is the number one emotion that keeps us from pursuing our goals, dreams, and desires. The good news is - these negative thoughts that pop up in our heads are fiction, not fact, therefore we can learn to kill these fear based thoughts with Truths

Fear based thoughts usually start a sentence like this: 

“But what if…?”

“I could never…”

“I doubt…”

“I’ll never…”

“ I don’t think…”

Have you ever started a sentence with words like these that crushed your passionate spirit? I have, too. Sometimes fear can make us a victim, and it can hold us so long that we eventually give up or give in. We don’t apply for that job, we don’t finish writing that song, or we’re convinced we're  just not qualified. Fear also has the ability to prevent us from starting new relationships, making new memories, and ultimately restricts us from being our true selves. What fear based thought are you letting yourself believe right now? 

I struggled for a long time while fear based thoughts ate at my mind, until finally I was able to beat fear by standing firm in my truths. With practice and patience, I am now able to beat fear-based thoughts daily  and I do not let fear dictate how I respond to new opportunities and / or relationships.

This is what I learned:

For every “I can’t”, “I’m not”, or “I could never” I would ask myself if this is really the truth. Yesterday was a great example. I decided to apply for a speaking gig and as soon as I had made the decision to apply my fear based thoughts kicked in - “No, you can’t do this.”, “You don’t have enough time.”, “But are you really qualified?”, “What if you blow it?”, “Maybe next year.” And on and on. These kinds of thoughts rolled through my head until I almost changed my mind. But then I stood up for myself. I said “Hey fear! Not today!” I took inventory of my feelings and examined my heart - I really wanted to do this and I knew deep down if I let those fear based thoughts win I would absolutely regret it. So I pushed back with truths, telling myself “Look you! You can do this! There is NO reason you can’t!” And it was true, and in most cases in our lives that is the truth - there are no good reasons why we can’t. We cannot give fear the power.

If fear has been making you a victim with anxiety, stress, depression, it’s time to battle it with truths. 


An exercise that helps me is writing down a list of my fear based thoughts, then next to each one writing down the truth. 

Fear is fiction, not fact. We do not have to live a life with our hands tied behind our backs from fear. Fear cheats us out of growth, love, opportunity, and living in freedom. 

We have 5 months left in this year, so let’s tear down those fear based walls and live in the truth of who we are and what we know we can accomplish. Let's live in the truth



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