The Number One Attribute that will Guarantee You Success

Research states that the number one attribute people look for in any kind of relationship is Trust - without it, there is no solid foundation to start the relationship on. I have found, for the past 15 years, that Trust is the most important attribute that has made my career life successful. 

But what does it mean to be Trustworthy in your career?

Establishing Trust with a client, consumer, or employer takes time and it takes real effort. Unfortunately, it's not always our natural reaction to go above and beyond in this area - building Trust takes a lot of responsibility. So lets get to it. Here is the ground work to establish Trust from the moment you start your business: 


Always be Honest, Even if it Means Owning Up to a Mistake. 

Always be Honest, Even if it means Owning Up to a Mistake - 

Just writing that sentence brings back hard memories of mistakes I've had to own up to throughout my career. I remember a specific job where I overpromised and said "Yes!" before I actually knew that "Yes!" was the actual answer - I really wanted to make my client happy on the spot so I overpromised. In the end, I had to come clean and tell my client that what I said I could do, I couldn't. But, rather than trying to blame it on my client to take the heat off, I owned up to my mistake and, in turn, my client Trusted me even more for it. It always pays to be Honest - literally, because you will get more referrals this way. Transparency is something we as people recognize and want to invest in, so even if it makes you squirm and pull the covers over your head - you will always win if you let honesty be your guide. 


Be Dependable, as if Your Life Depended On it.

Be Dependable, as if your Life Depended On It - 

Once you lay the ground work of Trust with Honesty, your next responsibility is to be Dependable; and stay that way. This means: doing what you say you're going to do. A lot of people use the phrase "Under Promise and Over Deliver" but (honestly) I am not very fond of that phrase because of the "Under Promise" part - Under Promising does not sound appealing to me at all. So I like to say, "Don't Over Promise, Overdeliver." Being Dependable also means doing the small but mighty things like: Keeping appointments, showing up on time (always!), returning emails in a timely matter, responding to comments even when you're too tired, etc. The second part to being Dependable is going Above and Beyond for your client / consumer. If a client calls with an emergency do not back burner them because it's "inconvenient" for you at the moment - or because it's Saturday afternoon - (and do not let the thought pass though your head "they're not paying me enough to do that!) be there for your client when they need you the most. (I will talk on this more in another blog called "How to Set Boundaries.") The more you invest in your client and have their back, the more they invest in you, your business, and your product. Don't just go half in on this one, Trust me. 


Loyalty Goes a Long, Long Way.

Loyalty, goes a Long, Long Way -

Whatever business you are in, you're going to have those clients and customers who were your "firsts". The one's who took a risk on you and gave you your first batch of businesses. One day you will wake up and see that your business has grown - this is not the time to get an ego and "leave those old clients behind because, you've got so much more going for you now". Loyalty goes a long, long way and staying Loyal shows that you can sustain Trust in your work relationships. If your Loyal to your customers, they will be Loyal to you. Think about what an impact it would make if someone asked you "how long have you been with your oldest customer?" and you could say "They've been my client for over 10 years". I'd say, dang, they're doing something right. 


The Number One Attribute that will make you successful is Trust. If you choose to make Trust the cornerstone and number one priority of your life and your business, you will choose the path that leads to success. 

If you can learn to make Trust the cornerstone of your business, you will be successful and you will have longevity in your business

There's a reason why we love the Brands and Business that have had our backs for years. Take for example, these 3 Brand giants: 

Nike - founded in 1964

Nordstrom - founded in 1901

Target - founded in 1902

Why have they had so much success? Because we know we can Depend on and Trust all of them. We know, without a doubt, that these stores offer great products and excellent customer service - and that hasn't changed in over 100 years. Over 100+ years of Trust. 

The Number One Attribute that will make you successful is Trust. If you choose to make Trust the cornerstone and number one priority of your life and your business, you will choose the path that leads to success. 

Cheers Friends,