Why I love Web Design

My passion for web design dates all the way back to middle school. When I was a 7th grader, I took Web Design/HTML as an elective. While taking this class as a young girl, I fell in love with the art of coding and designing a website. Beyond being enthralled with the tedious code work, having an enthusiastic teacher helped water the soil for my love of web design to grow. Thinking back on this reminds me of how having a great teacher can make such a huge difference and heavy impact on a child’s life - and in some cases it can make or break their success.


After my class had ended for the semester, leaving with an 114% in the class, I continued to practice coding on my Myspace page. I took great pleasure in having a custom html profile that all of my friends were jealous of.


Flash forward to about five years ago, when I started typing away at the keyboard again working side projects for people by helping them out with their websites; little did I know I would have my own business and make it a full time job just a couple years later.


My DNA has web code written all over it, thanks to my Mother who has been in the computer biz her whole life, which has lead me to where I am now. At the age of 23 I am lucky enough to have my own business and clients that I absolutely love working with!


I think I enjoy web design at such a high level because not only do I get to take something from scratch and watch it come to life, but I get to see my clients dreams get built as well; that is my absolute favorite part. 


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Web Hosting: The perfection of GoDaddy

Since 2013, I have been faithfully using the all-wonderful GoDaddy for all of my web hosting needs. The following are my top 4 reasons why I absolutely love and trust Go Daddy, for not only my own business website, but for every one of my clients websites as well. 


1. Customer Service

GoDaddy has shown me nothing but absolutely outstanding customer services. Every time I have had an issue, they always work with me until it is 100% resolved. GoDaddy also features an online customer service chat, so you don’t even have to pick up the phone to get help or ask questions. If you do prefer the phone or it’s after hours for the online chat, their phone line is open 24/7, so there is literally always someone to help, any time, any day. 


2. Great Pricing

 GoDaddy has always had great prices for domain names and hosting. You can almost always count on a sale, too! They help you save money and get exactly what you need, and even without the sales you’re still getting a great deal while choosing from their nice selection of hosting plans.


3. Easy to navigate

The GoDaddy website is perfection. From plan selection, all the way to checkout, it is so easy to make sure you’re hitting all the right buttons. Managing your hosting is also a completely smooth process. I’ve never had to scratch my head about where to click to navigate to the next step - frustration free!


4. Wordpress Integration

A lot of my clients use Wordpress, and GoDaddy provides specific hosting just for that! Having Wordpress integrated right into my GoDaddy hosting is so helpful and hassle free.


Here is a link to the GoDaddy home page:



You can check the GoDaddy hosting plans here:



Wordpress hosting from GoDaddy can be found here:



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2 Very Good Reasons why it is Important to have a Mobile-Friendly Website

1.    Your audience uses their mobile devices the majority of the time. 

In today’s world, we are all connected to our cellphones. Our cellphone is the most convenient device that we own and in most cases it is the tool we use most to browse the web for information and check out today’s news. This being said, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial to your audience. Having a responsive mobile website allows your website to go from a large desktop site to scale down to something as small as your cellphone screen in a very clean flowing, user friendly manner. Having a mobile-friendly website will put a huge smile on a users face when they are on-the-go looking up your website.

2.   Google wants you to.

Since 2015, Google has made changes to their mobile-friendly requirements. Having a mobile-friendly website will now make “a significant impact in Google Search results”.  As many of you know, Google is a key component in the search engine world, having all cannons loaded on Google search is a must. Mobilize that website! See quote: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/6196932?hl=en

 3. How to check and see if your website is Mobile-Friendly

Below is a link to test your website and see if it is Mobile-Friendly!

 Test your website with Google here:  https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/


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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating your Website

Question #1: What is my websites main Purpose? 

In the initial thought process of creating a website it is important to determine what your websites main purpose is. Are you serving current customers or trying to drive new customers? Is it to sell products or simply share information? Nailing down your websites purpose(s) can help with the design and overall flow of your website.

Question #2: How do I want my website to Look/Feel? 

When you hit the landing page of a website it always gives you an initial feel. Whether you are going for artistic, industrial, or simplistic it is crucial to determine what you want your customer/audience to see and feel when they first visit your website. Knowing your branding / colors scheme / fonts / theme help in creating an exceptional website.

Question #3:  Who is my Audience / Demographic?

Knowing who your demographic is will assist you in choosing the most relevant social media sharing links/buttons and feeds on your website. Maybe your audience prefers a weekly newsletter or to subscribe to your blog - knowing who your audience is will help with integrating the correct plugins and content for your website.

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